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        Shop Our Tools By Category

        • Broken Tool Detector

        • EliptoMaster EM-16

        • BurrBye Tool

        • Ultra Deburr Tool 5/32"

        Welcome To Bixbay Industries

        In the world of manufacturing, accuracy and efficiency are the keys to success. Bixbay Industries understands the need for a partner to provide the highest quality tools at the lowest price.

        We offer premium quality deburring and chamfering tools that deburr in a single pass, saving you time and money. We also produce custom deburring tools that fit your individual needs.

        Our line of deburring tools, the Burr-Bye, Ultra Deburr and Elipto Master tools are made of high-speed steel, can handle any job from aluminum to titanium and can be used in the CNC machining centers you currently have. These tools can be used in single or multi-spindle drilling machines, lathe, NC machine tools, special machines as well as hand tools. Our deburring and chamfering tools range in measurements; from both metric and inches from as small as 0.0315” (0.8mm) to as big as 2” (50.0mm) sized holes.

        In addition to our top of the line tools, we offer the Broken Tool Detector for your CNC machining centers you currently have. This device features an intelligently designed sensing mechanism that will automatically stop production when a broken tool or product is discovered, saving time and money in lost materials and productivity. It is easily installed and used by major manufactures all over the world.

        When you consider the value of our superior tools and truly top-of-the-line customer service, Bixbay Industries is the Discerning Choice for the Intelligent Edge.

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